THE PREY - First Review at the Busan Int'l Film Fest

So we are getting some love -and the cinematography some recognition- from the first comments at the Busan International Film Festival.

Nice comment from writer Allan Hunter at

The Prey operates on a simple kill or be killed premise, but you can almost sense everyone straining to give it their best shot. Nimble camerawork from Lucas Gath ensures that the viewer never feels at ease. He weaves and bobs with the camera, shoots from unexpected angles, shows Xin’s perspective when he is behind a hood and allows a blood splatter to spray the lens.

Ghost Fleet at TIFF

Our documentary GHOST FLEET is making a splash at the Toronto Film Fest!.

We shot this film in South-East asia following stories of slavery in fishing boats. This is a huge issue in the world that few of us really know about. Happy to be part of the team shedding light on this.

Rawayana 360

Rawayana is not only one of the coolest reggae bands in Latin America, through our years of collaboration, we’ve become friends.

So when producer Daniel Salcedo and I started doing the first latin-american 360 music series together, they were the first ones I wanted to approach.

Simple premise, get the audience to chill with them in a jam session.